Southern Cross Reveals The Year Most Odd Pet Insurance Claims

The Year Most Odd Pet Insurance Claims

Southern Cross Reveals The Year Most Odd Pet Insurance Claims

While little furry creatures can bring a lot of joy to our lives, pet ownership can also result in some unexpected moments, as Southern Cross Insurance’s annual survey of unusual pet-related claims shows.

Also in 2022, the vast majority of unusual claims involved dogs, often due to the ingestion of things that should not be eaten. They certainly had developed certain preferences.

A Japanese spitz had to go to the vet after vomiting beans into bean bags, while a Labrador cross had to be treated after eating rocks and 17 socks.

This year, Labradors seemed particularly prone to eating things they shouldn’t: One Labrador ate a tie, rope, dishtowel and blanket, all in the first eight months of his insurance. The cost of treating the food was US$6,820.

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Another starving Labrador retriever cost nearly $2,000 in veterinary expenses after eating the snout of a stuffed animal, resulting in an obstruction that had to be surgically removed.
In August, a German shorthaired dog was taken to the vet for vomiting, who eventually removed 2 pounds of grass from his stomach, costing more than $4,000.

Had he been trying to help mow the lawn? We’ll probably never know, but at least he’s better now.

Other items swallowed by pets insured with Southern Cross Pet Insurance include ibuprofen tablets, hard plastic gloves, rocks, fish hooks, and a pill bottle.

This year, however, ingestion of unusual objects was not the only cause of pet damage.

A miniature schnauzer had to be treated for hypothermia (and eventually bathed) after falling into a puddle of sewage, while another dog got into a fight with the wrong cat and injured its ears and shoulder.

While most of this year’s unusual cases involved dogs, a cat also made the list after licking sidewalk cleaner off the ground and blistering its mouth.

Anthony McPhail, general manager of Southern Cross Pet Insurance, says these claims show that when it comes to pets, the unexpected often happens.

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The Year Most Odd Pet Insurance Claims

“Our pets can get into some very unusual situations, which often result in very expensive veterinary expenses,” Anthony says.

“Some of these disasters may seem pleasant, but it can also be very distressing for our pets to not feel well, but pet insurance can be very reassuring in those moments.

“We hope that New Zealand pets will live as well as possible through 2023 and that we will be there for our customers when they have an unusual visit to the vet.”

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